We offer services for engine builds, tuning, custom wire harness builds, and fabrication.


Whether you’re trying to bring a project or build to a completion or you’re in the process of mapping out your goals, the tuning has got to be at the forefront. There are many “tuners” out there that say they have a level of expertise because they might be able to tune an air/fuel ratio on your stand alone or ECU program. The real drivability, reliability, experience, and power is in the tuning. We pride ourselves on our experience of over 10 years of stand alone engine management and factory ECU programing. MoTeC, AEM, VI-PEC, FAST, HP Tuners are where our real expertise lies. The ability to use an ECU’s features to their full potential is what really brings out the best in your combination’s performance. Don’t leave that in the hands of the wrong person. We’ve raced independently and with teams that have produced dozens of wins and championships in drag racing series. That experience has helped us to be very successful in the tuning arena. We have access to both a Dynojet 278 in ground dyno as well as a 225 Dynojet AWD above ground to meet any of your tuning needs.

General Tuning Rates (Dyno time not included):

  • MoTeC- $450-$750 depending on features utilized
  • AEM V1/V2/EMS-4- $450
  • VI-PEC sled tuning- $350-$450
  • HP Tuners- $450 (includes $100 license fee)
  • FAST- $650

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We have the ability to wire any of your ECU or engine harness needs. Any of the ECUs that we carry can be made to function cleaner and more customized with a custom loom. We only use Raychem DR-25 heat shrink, mil spec wire, and other high quality connectors. Contact us for a quote on your custom loom.

Project Build?

Contact us for a quote on a complete build on your Car, ATV project, or Sled.  We can handle any needs you have when it comes to parts, fabrication, in house tuning, remote tuning, or on-site tuning at your location.  Check out our photo gallery for some of our recent build and Contact us (linked) for any inquiries on how we can help you with your project!!